This is a new page to assist guests and owners with advice that will seek solutions to problems before they happen. These are based on situations that owners and guests alike have encountered.

  • If guests hire a self catering cottage they must ensure that they ascertain the numbers of guests allowed. If guests wish to sleep above the maximum allowed they may only do this with prior arrangement and agreement with the owners. It may be that extra fees will be charged for this.
  • If guests are found smoking in a no smoking property, then owners are fully within thier rights to ask the guests to leave. The no smoking policy must have been made fully clear to the guests and on this site will be shown with a no smoking logo.
  • We have been asked if we provide insurance cover in case of cancellation or damage to property. All of our cottage owners will have property insurances and public liability this does not however remove the reponsibilty from guests to look after any property they stay in and owners are within their rights to ask guests to pay for any damage caused. Cancellation insurance is another matter, each business may have their own cancellation policy and guests are advised to check this and read through any terms and conditions. Some cottage owners have numbers of companies they work with who offer cancellation insurance so please ask for this or you are free to arrange your own as you would for abroad, or chose not to- the choice is yours.
  • Many guests now take the opportunity to have catering or pampering at the property they stay in. Please inform the owner if you have arranged anything, especially if you are using catering or other services other than those recommeded by the owners.
  • If you are having a party please do not assume that you can invite guests to the accommodation you have hired above the number agreed by the owner.
  • If it is a multiple property site with either owners or other guests on site please take note and be respectful of one another especially with noise late at night.
  • If a property with a no pets policy then please do not bring along a pet and expect that the owner will allow it to stay. Often properties are no pets so that visitors with allergies will know they will be safe.